Bids and Proposals

EURA Old State Street Project RFP for Redevelopment

Pursuant to Idaho Code §50-2011(b), the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Eagle, Idaho (“Agency”) is soliciting competitive proposals from interested parties in presenting a viable proposal, design and concept for the purchase and redevelopment of the real estate currently occupied by the Eagle Museum of History and Preservation located at 67 E. State Street in downtown Eagle.

The Project Site is approximately 0.090 acres in size and is bordered to the south with an alley and to the north by E. State Street.  East State Street is a two-way street running in an east-west direction connecting east to Hwy 44 and west to Eagle Road.  Responsive proposals must demonstrate a workable planning and business framework for redevelopment of the subject property consistent with the vision and other principles described in the request document (“RFP”) and in the Agency’s Plan.   A copy of the complete RFP and Agency Plan can be obtained by contacting the Agency at the address below or by clicking the link below.

EURA Old State St Project RFP

The RFP seeks redevelopment of the subject property to serve as a catalyst for continued economic growth; and enhance the character and economic vitality of downtown Eagle. The preferred developer will demonstrate that its proposal and redevelopment of the property will provide substantial economic benefit to downtown Eagle and the surrounding area.

Responses must be received no later than 4:00 PM MDT on Friday, September 13, 2019.  It is the sole responsibility of each submitter to see that its submission is received by the date and time stated in this RFP.  No oral, facsimile or email submittals will be considered. Proposals must be submitted by mail or hand-delivered to:

Robin Collins, Executive Director
Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Eagle, Idaho
660 E. Civic Lane
P.O. Box 1957
Eagle, Idaho 83616
(208) 489-8755