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Olde Towne Redevelopment Project

RFP for Redevelopment

Pursuant to Idaho Code §50-2011(b), the Urban Renewal Agency of the City of Eagle, Idaho (“Agency”) solicited competitive proposals from interested parties in presenting a viable proposal, design and concept for the purchase and redevelopment of the real estate currently occupied by the Eagle Museum of History and Preservation located at 67 E. State Street in downtown Eagle.  The RFP sought redevelopment of the subject property to serve as a catalyst for continued economic growth; and to enhance the character and economic vitality of downtown Eagle.  Responsive proposals had to demonstrate a workable planning and business framework for redevelopment of the subject property consistent with the vision and other principles described in the request document (“RFP”) and in the Agency’s Plan.   A copy of the complete RFP and Agency Plan can be obtained by contacting the Agency at the address below or by clicking the link below.

EURA Old State St Project RFP

Acceptance of RFP submission for State Street Project

On October 1, 2019, the Eagle Urban Renewal Agency accepted a proposal from The Pacific Companies and Marissa & Marina Imports, LLC., to redevelop a portion of a block in downtown Eagle.

The development, slated for completion in December 2022, includes the demolition of all building’s west of the Eagle Hotel historic building (the Eagle Hotel will remain), and construction of two mixed-use buildings.  Building A will have retail/restaurant spaces on the first floor, office uses on the second floor, and seven residential units on the third floor.  Building B will have retail/restaurant space on the ground level and office space on the second level.  Combined, both buildings would have roughly 7,400 square feet of retail/restaurant space and 10,100 square feet of office space.  Included are 57 parking stalls on-site located at the rear of the property, with access from the alley.

The architectural design of the buildings will meet the “Olde Towne” inspired classic architecture as called out for in City’s Comprehensive Plan, with large windows at the sidewalk, and will incorporate outdoor dining areas, art features, benches, bike amenities, and customized seating interspersed around both buildings.

Misconception about architecture in the Olde Towne area of downtown
Unfortunately, there is a misconception that downtown Eagle is supposed to be of “western style” or western looking architecture.  The future vision for downtown was brought about through years of gathering community input which resulted in the City’s Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in December of 2017.  The vision calls out for that particular area in downtown to have more classical, yet warm and inviting look, like Rembrandt’s, the Eagle Hotel, Finer Frames building, and the new brewery that was just recently approved by the City.
The comprehensive plan calls out for:
“Olde Towne” Eagle to have buildings with large windows at the sidewalk and open space amenities, creating an area with higher density and a more vibrant center.  It encourages and promotes people living in and within a reasonable walking distance.  Design of new buildings should incorporate towers, grand entrances and special roof forms and uses should promote mixed use with retail and commercial and the first floor and office and residential uses on upper floors.  First floor retail, restaurant and commercial uses should be designed to include large storefront windows, patio dining, and /or tenant displays.  Buildings should be encouraged to incorporate public art, benches, and bike amenities.   
Public comment on the architectural design of the buildings will take place once the applications have been submitted to the City for design review; however, conceptually, the urban renewal agency did have the City take a look at what is being proposed and so far it appears to be meeting the Olde Towne classic architectural style as indicated in City’s Comprehensive plan.
Process and estimated timeline moving forward
  1. EURA enter into development agreement with The Pacific Companies and Marissa & Marina Imports, LLC       –              Q1-2020
  2. Planning application submitted to City of Eagle for review and approval      –     April 2020
  3. Anticipated barber shop acquisition by developer     –     Q2-2020
  4. Project financing closes     –     March 2021
  5. Building permits issued for Bldg. A, construction starts     –     April 2021
  6. Building permits issued for Bldg. B, construction starts     –     October 2021
  7. Construction completion of Bldg. A     –     June 2022
  8. Construction completion of Bldg. B     –     December 2022
To see the entire RFP submission, please click the link below
RFP Submittal by Pacific Companies and Marissa and Marina Imports, LLC
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