Urban renewal is a process specifically authorized under the Idaho Urban Renewal Law to assist local governments throughout the state in revitalizing their communities.

The Eagle Urban Renewal Agency (EURA) is an independent public redevelopment agency created in 2006 to promote community and economic development.  The Eagle Urban Renewal Agency operates under Idaho Code in accordance with Idaho Urban Renewal Law and the Local Economic Development Act. The Agency’s purpose is to undertake the rehabilitation, conservation, development or redevelopment of areas identified within the Eagle Urban Renewal Plan.

In Eagle, the Eagle Urban Renewal Agency uses redevelopment to address sites within the district boundaries that have deteriorated, are underutilized or vacant and need assistance to become viable again. To accomplish urban renewal, EURA forms partnerships with private entities and uses tax increment financing (TIF), a tool available only to redevelopment agencies, to breathe new life into those areas. As a result, the entire community benefits from the creation of new businesses, jobs and tax revenues.

Urban Renewal enables communities like Eagle to grown inward, not just outward.  It enhances and expands local businesses, renovates buildings and improves public infrastructure systems and facilities. Urban renewal also helps encourage new housing and businesses to locate within already developed areas. It helps reduce crime and long commutes, promotes affordable housing and preserves the environment.

Agency Mission

The mission of the agency is to promote sustainable economic growth, vitality, and community enhancement through collaboration and community investment, and to encourage revitalization and rehabilitation throughout the urban renewal district.  To accomplish its mission, the agency works in close partnership with the Mayor, City Council, and a variety of public entities as well as downtown and neighborhood groups.

Eagle Urban Renewal Agency Commissioners

The agency has nine (9) commissioners made up of one (1) City Council member and eight (8) at-large citizens.  To see a list of the commissioners, please click here.

Eagle Urban Renewal Agency Committees

The agency has several smaller committees that are created to address specific needs.  For a closer look at the committees, please click here. 

What is Urban Renewal?

Urban renewal is a tool used by many cities to help improve and spur economic development within a specific geographic area (district) by using tax-increment financing to implement capital improvements and other projects within the district. The purpose of urban renewal is to increase the total assessed value of the district, and during the duration of the district, use the funds derived from that increase in assessed value to fund the various projects in the Urban Renewal Plan. Once the district expires, the full assessed value of the district comes back on the general tax rolls and the increased revenue goes into the City’s general fund and to the various taxing districts.

Urban renewal and revenue allocation financing are the most significant tools available to Idaho communities for attracting and retaining businesses, generating economic development, promoting job creation and encouraging development of deteriorating and underutilized areas. Revenue allocation financing allows communities to make a site ready for development, such as extending water, sewer, streets and other improvements that reduce the cost to businesses relocating or expanding.  The Agency works in cooperation with the City and the private sector to remedy blight and to facilitate economic development as directed by specific urban renewal plans adopted by the Eagle City Council.

This effort also can assist local special purpose taxing districts in strategic cooperative projects. When an overall effort is successful, the future tax base necessary for low-cost, high-quality public services will be strengthened. When all redevelopment objectives are achieved and district improvements paid for, the entire increased value in a district is then returned to the general tax rolls creating a shared benefit to both local government by providing a stronger tax base and the public by lowering tax rates.

The City of Eagle Urban Renewal Area is essentially composed of the downtown core area and some surrounding areas (see map below). The Urban Renewal Plan contains both the structure and potential projects of the district.

What Statutes Govern Urban Renewal and Urban Renewal Agencies?

  • Idaho Urban Renewal Law in Title 50, Chapter 20, Idaho Code
  • Local Economic Development Act, Title 50, Chapter 29, Idaho Code
  • Open Meeting Law, Title 74, Chapter 2, Idaho Code
  • Idaho Public Records Law, Title 74, Chapter 1, Idaho Code
  • Ethics in Government Law, Title 74, Chapter 4, Idaho Code
  • Competitive Bidding, Title 67, Chapter 28, Idaho Code


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