Additional Downtown Sidewalk and Streetscape Design

Project Description

This project is a streetscape design project.  The EURA is paying the cost for a consultant to create a landscape design and streetscape specification and plan for the City’s downtown grid system.  The specifications will address the minimum ROW needed pursuant to ACHD’s policies and provide the City design options ( and eventually specifications) for both sides of the street, street tress planted in silva cells, historic lights, public art, benches & amenities, brick/concrete pavers, irrigation and lighting.  The intent is to establish an alternative specification to replace and/or amend the standards within the Eagle Architecture and Site Design Book (EASD Book) and Eagle City Code.  Improvements will include standardized sections for local and collector streets within the downtown but also specific design and engineering standards for 1st Street as a festival street, Idaho Street Extension to Stierman Road, and the extension of Olde Park Place connection to Plaza Drive.

Public Documents


Downtown Grid Task Order


Original MOA between City and EURA for Downtown Grid_Dec 10 2019_Signed